Protecting the environment from wash water runoff and complying with Council Regulations is now simple and effective with the Hydro Tek AZV55 unit. Waste water is recovered through a vacuum scupper to eliminate runoff. The AZV vacuum & filtration system then filters the water at up to 20 L/min to 5 microns. The recycled water is pumped back to your water supply tank for reuse. You may also choose to divert treated water to landscaping or sewer as permitted. Heavy solids are collected in the V section of the tank and are easily removed through a quick purge dump valve.

The AZV55 VAC unit is supplied with a 2 stage motor (powered by a generator on the Hydro Tek SC35006HU unit) a pre filter in the hopper with drain valve & two replaceable filter cartridges. Filtered water is pumped back to the water supply tank for reuse. The system is supplied with a 1.8 Meter sand filled boom (sand not included), 3 meter sand dam tubes & vacuum scupper attachment.

Use the ANTV5 TWISTER VAC rotary flat surface cleaner for both flat surface cleaning & water recovery in one step. This unique heavy duty unit is supplied with a Stainless Steel body. It has a 600mm cleaning diameter, H.D. castor wheels, handle & gun. It recovers up to 90% of water and contaminants. It is supplied with 15 meters (45′) 2″ flexible Vac recovery hose.

AES offer the above units (including the SC35006HU Hot cleaner) Trailer mounted or as separate components to mount on your Ute or flat deck truck.

Get a step ahead of the competition and secure contracts to clean car parks, shopping centres & service stations.

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