Why buy from AES?

  • Expertise, quality & competitive price.

    AES staff have a wealth of experience in Heavy duty and Industrial water blasters, High pressure pumps and Spraying equipment.

    At AES we design and manufacture our equipment in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. We consider ourselves problem solvers, as we can assist you to purchase the right gear first time round.

    Many of our Customers find the ongoing costs over the life of an AES product is substantially less than other brands.

  • What should I look for in a light commercial electric water blaster?

    Always look for a unit with a 4-pole electric motor.
    4 pole motors rotate at 1440 rpm (revolutions per minute), whereas some brands use cheaper 2-pole motors which rotate at 2800 rpm.

    It stands to reason that the pump will last many times longer if it is being driven at lower rpm, and also the unit is much quieter during operation.

    Pump designs are either Radial or Squash plate drive (mainly used on smaller waterblaster) or Crankshaft driven. Crankshaft driven pumps are available in the smaller sizes and the same robust design is used right through to Industrial sizes.

    Look for a pump with a brass pump head, solid ceramic plungers (sometime incorrecty refered to as pistons) and stainless steel valve assemblies.

  • What should I look for in a petrol powered water blaster?

    Look for a New Zealand made Water blaster. By buying a New Zealand made unit you are far more likely to be able to obtain replacement parts in the future.

    Cheaper petrol powered units are fitted with a direct mounted high speed pump which is coupled directly to the engine shaft. These pumps operate at around 3400 rpm. This type of unit must be used with a pressure feed (mains supply) of at least 40 psi, and are generally fine for light usage i.e. up to or so hours work per week.

    AES offer direct mounted units, and also a heavy duty low rpm range fitted with a reduction gear-box between the engine and the pump. The pumps on these low rpm units operate at around 1700 rpm.

    We know from years of servicing both types that a low rpm pump will last many times longer than a direct mounted high speed pump.

    An added bonus with low rpm units is that they can suck. With the addition of an AES suction kit the unit can suck from a tank, trough, or stream (up to a 2 metre head) i.e. the blaster can be up to 2 metres above the water supply. This is great for use in Rural areas where a pressurised water supply is not available.

    AES low rpm gear-box water blasters are designed for continuous operation (8 or more hours per day) and are used by many leading Property Maintenance and Hire Companies.

    Finally, always ensure the water blaster you purchase is fitted with a pressure gauge. The pressure gauge will verify the claimed working pressure of the unit, and is an important indicator of wear in the nozzle, the pump and unloader valve.

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