The Alberti Idro 200/15 Hot cleaner has all the features of the Alberti Maxijet portable units, but is supplied in a tough powder coated steel cabinet (access cover removed in photo) for wall or floor mounting. If installed inside a Building the exhaust gases will need to be vented via a suitable vertical chimney (ask our Technical deparment for details).

  • Output: Maximum 200 Bar (3000 psi) 15 L/m flow rate.
  • Temperature Thermatatically adjustable to 95 Degree C.
  • Electricmotor 400 volt 5.5 kw 50 hz.
  • Safety devices: Total stop. Low fuel cut-out, Flow switch (low water protection) Anti leak device.
  • Supplied with Chemical injector, 20 meters wire braded hose and Vega gun with S/S Twin barrel lance lance and wash jets.
  • Options: Varrious hose lengths, Hose reels, varrious lances, turbo nozzle.

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