AES Electroblast VX series water blasters are commonly used in multiple nozzle applications, such as Truck washes, in Factories and for Fruit washing.
Options include: Multiple guns, a variety of Fan and Rotary nozzles, Hose reels (See our accessory page) Drum & Tank cleaning attachments, Pipe cleaning nozzles.
We can custom build electric water blasters to your requirements.

  • Options include:
  • Pressure: From 130 Bar (1900 psi) to 350 Bar (5000 psi)
  • Flow Rate: From 65 L/min to 200 L/min
  • Motor: 37 Kw (50 HP)
  • Starter: Star delta with overload relay
  • Hose: Options to suit
  • Optional Tank: 200 or 550 litre
  • Optional Safety: Low water cut out, timer.

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