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Electric Water blasters - Skid mounted

AES Electro-blast skid mounted Water blasters are built in our Auckland factory. They are fitted with an Industrial duty 4 pole (1450 rpm) or 6 pole (1000 rpm) electric motor, heavy-duty UDOR triple ceramic plunger pump, pressure gauge, unloader valve and safety valve for extra protection.

The electric motor is close coupled (Electro-blast 200/15) or connected to the pump via a heavy duty Love-joy shear type coupling for extra durability and ease of servicing.

The heavy duty unloader valve is plumbed to return the by-pass water directly to the Stainless steel water supply tank. This virtually eliminates the possibility of the pump overheating if the unit is left running unattended.

The pressure is adjustable on all units.

A inlet water filter with 50 mesh S/S element is standard equipment.