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Pipe & Drain Inspection Cameras

Pipe & Drain Inspection Cameras

Product Description

Designed & built to exacting standards by OPTRONIC of Germany.

San-scope 6.0 Pipe & drain inspection systems.

The San-scope 6.0 is easy to operate and carries a generous length of cable. The system can be used in pipes & drains up to 300mm (12″) diameter.  It is supplied with a light & compact stainless steel reel and easy to view colour monitor.  It can take movie clips and still shots – download to a standard SD card for your customer.

Push rod:           50m (164 ft) fibreglass rod, 6mm Diameter.

Camera head:   32mm PAL  145 degree, with infinitely adjustable light control.

Monitor:             8″ VGA colour monitor with sun sheild and protective casing.

Recorder:           Built in integrated digital recorder

Meter counter:  Built into display screen.

Power requirement:  230V, 50 Hz.

Supplied with Remote control, 2 Gb SD card and Instruction manual.


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