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Alberti Medi-vap Steamer

Alberti Medi-vap Steamer

Product Description


Alberti Medi-vap Steamer

The Alberti Medivap is a compact machine, yet it produces a large volume of steam at up to 7 Bar (100psi)

A simple and intuitive LED screen guides you step by step through all the functions, and gives you operating parameters as well as safety information.


Power supply:                 Single phase,  230 volt, 50 hz

Water consumption:    Dry steam:  .2 L/min

                                            Wet steam: .5 to 2 L/min

Steam droplet:               Maximum 5 micron (dry steam)

Temperature:                 Maximum 160 degree C – wet steam

                                           Maximum 210 degree C – dry steam

Heating fuel:                  Diesel fuel


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