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Huge savings on AES Electric & Petrol powered Waterblasters, Hot/cold cleaners, Waterblaster/Sprayers & Spraying equipment,

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New products for 2017:


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Pipe & drain Inspection cameras from Optronic of Germany.  See Waterblaster accessory page for details.

Drain and Pipe nozzles from Nuvo Contec of Italy.  Wide selection to clean drains from domestic 50mm (2″) to culverts.      Also specialist nozzles for applications such as root cutting and cleaning inside of pipes in food and milk processing equipment. Contact us to discuss your particular requirement.

UDOR VX-B 160/180 & VX-B 200/150  High volume Drain cleaning pumps.  See Udor VX  pump page for details.

From Hydrotek of USA,  Honda powered Self contained 200/15 Portable  Hot/cold cleaners. New Hydrotek portable recycling units with twister rotary surface cleaner . Powered by an on board generator on the Hydrotek 240/20 Skid mounted Hot/cold cleaner, this is a closed loop system which will suck up the wash water, debris and contaminents, filter it and return the recycled water to your water supply tank.  These units are a must have for contacrtors keen to comply with Council regulations banning  pollution of the storm water system.  See our Hot/cold & steam cleaner page.

Alberti Hot box portable heating unit. Connect to your existing Cold water Electric or Petrol powered waterblaster to provide Hot water to 100 degree C. A very cost effective way of obtaining Hot water.

NEW AES 500 Litre Transport tank. Compact Polyethlene Water tank c/w Lid with air valve to prevent spillage, ideal for mounting on truck or Ute deck or in a van.

Stainless steel mounting strap kit available plus float valve & tanks fittings. Call us for price and dimension.,


Just arrived:  New Udor “B” & “C” Series pumps.



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